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366 Concept
Mid-Century  Icons

366 Concept Fox Dining Table

When it comes to design icons, there’s no room to settle for less. 366 Concept creates furniture that reflects that value aiming to exceed the original quality of designs. Achieving a one-of-a-kind finish with intricate details defining mid-century modern style.  Reissuing only the premium Icons of Polish Mid-Century Design.

With a deep respect for tradition and selection of the finest materials, skilled craftspeople bring this vision to reality and are at the heart of  366 Concept, using quality materials to craft furniture that's not only elegant and comfortable but built to last. 

Every detail captures the essence of traditional craft while ensuring durability creating furniture can be enjoyed by present and future generations alike.  

All designs are proudly created and manufactured in Poland, continuing their proud tradition of excellent furniture craftsmanship. You can view the latest 366 Concept Furniture catalogues here or get some inspiration here.

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