Madu literally means ‘honey’ and stands for pure, robust and the 'good life' - The logo is a combination of a honey combe and a woodgrain. Madumadu was founded by Linda and Jorinda from The Netherlands, who have been friends since they went to University in 1992. Both have a love for interiors and with Linda living with her family in Bali, they started Madumadu with the idea to create beautiful home decorations that have heart and soul in them. - Madumadu means 'honey's', referring to Linda and Jorinda! 

Madumadu uses the best what Bali has to offer: craftsmanship, beautiful natural materials and the real Bali ‘spirit’. All of the Madumadu products are handmade and every product is unique! 

All products are not only handmade but also fairmade. Madumadu's aim is to support local craftsmen in building a future for themselves by paying them a good salary and coaching them on building a profitable business. 


Minimum Order: > Eur 250 (ex VAT)

Nordic Rose 


West Overton,

SN8 4ER , UK

T: +44 (0)7841 558675 


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